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The importance of secure and reliable hosting

Once the design and development phase is over and your site goes live on the Internet, you need to know that your clients and customers will have uninterrupted access to your online office 24/7. After all, that's what you paid for!

At Cortech Solutions, we use the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art server and security technologies to guarantee you peace of mind. Our servers are backed-up by a number of redundancy and support protocols to guarantee uptime and protect your data, even in the unlikely event of full system failure.

Keeping your business online is our number one priority.

Our commitment to support

At Cortech Solutions we pride ourselves on the one-on-one support we offer to all our customers. Email support for our online services is available 7 days a week. Our 24x7x365 automated monitoring system identifies any problems that may be affecting our network or services to ensure problems are resolved immediately.

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If you require any more information, or would like a quote based on your requirements, please Contact Us. We believe that everybody's requirements are different and will provide a quote tailored to your individual needs.

Cortech Solutions: state-of-the-art reliability

Below, we provide more detailed information about the technology we use to guarantee uptime and protect your site and its data.


Server technologies

Our servers are located in the TransACT Data Center in Canberra, Australia, on a state-of-the-art CISCO powered (BGP4) network connected to major global Tier 1 upstream connections. The system's security is guaranteed by load balancing and automatic fail-over, including direct peering to the Agile, MCI, AAPT and PIPE networks. All servers have dedicated 10MB ports to the core network switches, with each switch having dual connections to the Internet for increased redundancy and added security. The servers have a secondary connection to a local Storage Area Network (SAN) which is used for weekly backups.


Server hardware

We use award winning, state-of-the-art Dell 1950 1RU servers with dual hard disk drives in a hardware RAID 1 configuration. RAID 1 allows disk-to-disk mirroring, meaning both drives contain the same data so that the system can continue running in the event of one drive failing. Our servers run the CentOS 4.5 operating system with a cPanel 11 Control Panel with Fantastico. The server is updated nightly to avoid potential exploits. The server is also backed up weekly in a secure secondary location to ensure that your data is safe, even in the highly unlikely event of a full system failure. All server hardware is backed by a 6 hour hardware replacement guarantee.



The TransACT Data Center has full 24 hour onsite security with all staff carrying an Australian Government security clearance. The data centre has time lapse CCTV cameras that are strategically placed throughout the facility. This allows monitoring of all access points. The building is environmentally controlled with redundant n+1 air conditioning. The room temperature and humidity is monitored by staff 24 hours a day with fire suppression systems in place throughout the building. Power is fed from dual power grids with a minimum 1 hour UPS and backup diesel generators in case of power failure.